The Portfolio, Programme and Project Management best practice methods and guides have inspired us to apply our extensive experience to enhance their use through our ‘Six Is’: 

Many organisations shape their delivery processes around best practice and well-known methods without necessarily reviewing the impact of those methods on the type, risk, complexity or importance of the initiative.  Shedding light on the way to tailor those methods is part of our aim to promote best use of your methods and resources. 


Continually skilling and educating the Programme and Project Management community is a necessity for the organisation to grow and progress.  However, what does certification mean to the individual?  It should enable them to understand where they are in their career and our ‘PM Belting’ system will not only help them but also allow Portfolio managers to deploy the right delivery managers on the right initiatives.


‘Innovate or die’ (Jack V Matson and Peter Drucker) suggest that unless an organisation does things differently from time to time it will eventually wither and die.  This can also be attributed to the way we deliver our initiatives.  There are many ways to encourage innovation of which one may be through PM Forums.  We have been successful in setting up Forums for other organisations and we have other innovative ideas that might just help.


Apart from consultancy, we deliver training with our partners in the best practice methods such as MoP®, P3O®, MSP®, PRINCE2®, AgilePM®, apmPFQ, apmPMQ, Change Management™ and Better Business Cases™


If there is not enough resource to manage your initiatives or you have a short assignment which requires specialist skills, we have a wide group of interim programme and project managers we can call upon to intervene and close the gap.  Provide us with your requirements and let us do the rest.


Many Programme or Project Offices fall by the wayside once the original intent has been forgotten.  Valuable information, assistance, support and resource is often lost or wasted as the office becomes ‘redundant’.  This can expose the organisation to fractured practices and unco-ordinated initiatives.  Our team of experienced professionals have proved that they can invigorate these offices to bring back their value.

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